About The Yellow Door Studio

Yellow Door Studio is a small, artisan, home pottery studio run by Renae Bell specialising in hand thrown functional, stoneware ceramics. The studio is based in Midlothian, Scotland and is best known for Renae’s annual Hallowe’en lantern release. The studio also specalises in personalised dinnerware for humans and pets.

About Renae

Renae Bell is a community-driven, pottery mad Aussie, and a mother to four who accidentally left her front door as a teenager to travel the world and found herself in Scotland. She discovered pottery as a young kid in Tasmania and then again as an adult attending over 4 years of community lifelong-learning pottery classes. When the classes stopped in 2017 she took the plunge and established Yellow Door Studio in her home’s conservatory. Yellow Door Studio has also done a wide variety of projects including community exhibitions, youth led teaching and outdoor education.

About our process

All of Renae’s pieces are handmade using traditional methods. The majority have been hand thrown on the potters’ wheel in stoneware clay. They are then trimmed, sculpted and decorated as appropriate. Personalised pieces are created by stamping into the body of the bowl which means the names will never rub off or fade. After drying, pieces are bisque fired to over 1000 degrees Celsius for 20 hours. They are then hand brushed them with commercial, dinnerware grade, food safe glazes and fired again for another 20 hours, this time reaching over 1200 degrees Celsius and fully vitrifying the clay. This makes them fully dishwasher safe, microwave friendly, oven proof, frost resistant and ready to last a lifetime and beyond.

Yellow Door Studio, working with Art Club and Made In Midlothian, helped young people explore ceramics during the pandemic.
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