Handthrown Ceramic Dog Bowl for Spaniels


Studio Ceramics handmade on the potter’s wheel out of stoneware clay. Functional, dishwasher safe pottery for your home and everyday life.

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These bowls have been made with your average cocker spaniel in mind. They have high sides that narrow to keep the floofy spaniel ears clean and dry plus they have a non tip heavy base to save from accidents and mess.

These dog bowls have been hand thrown in stoneware clay on the potter’s wheel in the Yellow Door home studio. After being altered, trimmed and dried it is then fired to over 1000°C over 24 hours and hand brushed with food safe, dinnerware grade commercial glazes. Another firing, this time going up to 1240° over another 24 hours and the pieces are now transformed in ceramics making it dishwasher and microwave safe, ready to serve your puppies food for many years to come.

It is ready made and will be shipped or ready to be collected within 3-4 days, should you wish it sooner please ask.


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